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Dec 6, 2019
Server you are applying for: Clone Wars RP

RP Name: 21st AdvPLT SDL SFC Brenden | 21st Chief Healer Junior Knight Keb

Steam Name: Brenboi

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:154489389

What Country and Time zone are you from? Canada, PST

How did you come to GN?: I Came to this wonderful community by the likes of Kes (or edmonds/jinshi if you have known him long enough) and orion, and thanks to them, i have had a wonderful time here.

How long have you been a member of this community for? (Approximately) I have been in the community since a couple days after it launched.

Why do you want to join the Staff Team?: I wish to join the staff team due to the companions i have made, as well as the fact i wish to be more involved with our community, since it has come to my attention we need more High staff. this Fact has lead me to believe I can come into the staff team with loving arms, and be accepted by our community.

Why Should you be accepted?:I should be brought into the staff team because of my extensive list of experience provided below.


Galactic Marines:
In the galactic marines on icefuse i had quickly become someone with a name. i rose through the ranks and quickly became SMB, than captain shortly after. Wile rising through the ranks i had aquired multiple positions of note. For example, I Became the PLTL, where i helped a man named hunter create the profound "ACE system" where we would test five pilots on their knowledge, dogfighting ability, and bombing ability, with very harsh judgement. Only one could pass at a time, and we only had 5 slots. Next was the HVYO/SSO: Where i demonstrated i had the resolve to train others and make friends quickly. this is what propelled me to become a high rank.

91st Recon:
As a 1stLT of this prestigious Recon group, i had taken up the role of MEDO after intense training. I Didn't last too long in the 91st before leaving IFN for about a year.

Temple Guard/Sentinel leadership:
I had controlled TG through out the rough of not having a council overseer, due to this, i would have to climb the ranks of CoC again and again stating what i needed. after which, we had a system called "Temple Investigator" (Similar to a shadow, but less shocky shocky) Made by an old friend "Drayen". This was made before he resigned and i was left alone in leadership. I did a wipe, only 6 people including me were left. I fell down a hole of sad when i couldn't keep it running myself, but that's when Dragon stepped in. he took TGL and brought it back. Now, i left but soon came back, as a youngling, and made my way back to TGL in about 2 months. This time however i knew what i was doing, and business was booming. So much so, i got promoted to sentinel lead, where i had a good friend "Ryker" make me a new roster. and it all went swimmingly till i made it to master, got demoted for nothing and left once again.

Special Operations:
This is the very last IFN part. i came back, and i was SO. I soon got promoted to The Jets Unit Jedi by the name of Eekar Oki, who is in lore, kit fisto's padawan. and in IFN lore for what ever reason, kit fisto was SO's council Jedi. anyways, nothing of note happened here as it was more of a "just hang out" kind of battalion.


Consular Leadership:
When i Came to GN, i almost instantly hopped on the jedi train, where Resha and Kes happily accepted me in. During my time, i figured i would try something else for a change, and thats where another old buddy of mine came into play. Shots, AKA Ahsoka Tano at the time. He happily accepted me into the Consular branch, where he hastily taught me to be a healer. after such, (and the first Knight Trial) I became The Chief Healer, a position i still hold to this day. I started my career by making a new program, for healer to become accessible. it was called Healer Trainee's. they were given the notes, and a week to study, where after the period they could Take the final to Become a Real Healer.

Galactic Marines:
In the galactic marines i hold the rank of SFC, and the title of AdvPLT and SDL (Subdivision Leader). With this position i have created docs and even enlisted a JTO, and i hope to do as much as possible in the coming time, when i eventually hold the rank of officer, and someday, Commander.

Staff History: TMOD on IFN, applyed on GN once before, denied.

Availability: Weekends 2 PM EST-1 AM EST. Weekdays are jumbled around due to activities, but can likely do 9 PM EST on days that aren't tuesday.

Are you on our Discord server?: Yes

Do you know the current Rules of the Server you are applying for?: Yes

Have you read our Staff Information & Rules?: Yes

What are your Biggest weaknesses?: Sometimes, i put in too much effort.

Do you understand that if you are seen or reported abusing any of your staff powers, you will automatically be inserted into a demotion discussion? Yes


Dec 1, 2019
+1 I think he would be a good fit for staff. put a good amount of effort into his app, seems like he actually wants it.
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