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Dec 7, 2019
Section I - Conduct
A) You must always treat others with respect.
B) Any usage of derogatory terms is strictly forbidden.
C) Poor conduct and repeated breaking of forum rules may affect any staff positions held.
D) No discrimination against any one person, group of people, or entity is permitted in any way shape or form.
E) Any attempt to gain access to parts of the forum inaccessible to members, or otherwise force access to permissions, will result in permanent suspension.
F) You may not hold arguments within threads; debates are fine, ad hominem flaming is not.

Section II - Content
A) Explicit content is strictly forbidden, this includes but is not limited to pornography, gore, or otherwise disturbing images.
B) You may not create posts that serve no purpose, e.g. a post simply containing the word 'yolo'.
C) Any inflammatory content or content otherwise seeking to incite drama is forbidden.
D) Content may only be posted in the appropriate forums, otherwise they will be moved or deleted.
E) You may not spam forum posts.

Section III - Applications
A) You may only apply for a position if you meet the given requirements.
B) You may only make serious applications, no 'shitpost' applications are allowed and will result in an immediate suspension.
C) If you are banned during your application's feedback phase it is automatically denied.
D) Failure to follow the given templates is grounds for immediate denial.

Section IV - Application Ratings
A) You may not vote for or against an application without a written explanation as to your rating.
B) Non-constructive criticism is forbidden, e.g. "-1, you suck"
C) When applying for a position, you may not vote on an application of another person for the same position.
-Exception: Lower Staff Applications
D) Explanations for ratings must directly correlate to the position, e.g. "+1, has shown dedication to the 187th" not "+1 made a Snapchat filter"
E) If replying to an application rating, the reply must be directly addressing the given rating.
-Example: Person A: "-1, inactive"
Original Poster: "Actually, this link shows I have 200 hours in the past two weeks"

Section V - Forum Moderation
A) Forum Moderation reserves the right to moderate any thread, with valid reasoning.
B) Any action by the forum moderation found to be for immoral reasons (racism, discrimination ect) will result in permanent suspension of the moderator.
C) Forum Moderation reserves the right to issue verbal warnings to entire threads, any further violation of said verbal warning is grounds for punishment.

Section VI - Punishments
Depending on severity, forum moderation reserves the right to verbally warn, forum warn, or suspend any user with valid reasoning.
If you feel that a punishment was unfair, contact the Infrastructure Manager for the Forum Sector, or the Infrastructure Supervisor.
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