Full Force's CMD+ Application

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Jan 9, 2020
Full RP Name:

501st TC ARFO JTO SSG Kreel

Steam ID:


Battalion/Area you are applying for:

501st Legion Commander Rex


I've been in the 501st my entire time being on the server. I have become a member/officer of TC, ARF, JT, and SS. I would say that I am well know on the server for my well placed rp and devotion to my battalion and regiments. I have played on other SWRP in the past and am well aware of most, if not all rules and regulations that come along with being a commander.

Why do you want to be a commander?

I have seen the way our past commander functioned and conducted himself. I hate to say he led by bad example but, that is what I feel. I am persistent and eager to bring this server back to life the 501st along with it. I know if I was given the opportunity to become commander I would put a lot of work and dedication into the role and into my troops. I am an extremely active member even in the down time we have been having lately. I have logged in and played almost every day.

Do you understand the lore of your battalion? (YOU WILL BE TESTED):

I know a lot about the 501st and the troops in it.


I work 3rd shift at my current job (11PM-7AM) so being on during prime times would not be a problem for me.

Estimate of how long you have played on Galactia Networks Clone Wars RP?:

I believe I have been on Galactia Networks CWRP server for about 4 months now. I started on the server in the middle of November I believe.

Do you understand that you have a term limit of being a Commander for two months and that you may re-apply once your term is finished?:

Yes, I understand that it is a 2 month term. I plan to show my worth and loyalty during those two moths to the 501st to the best of my abilities.

Do you understand that you cannot apply for Commander if you are on LOA or are having issues with getting on the server?:.

Yes, With all the problems that people have been having with connection issues and loading times, I have stayed persistent and have been unaffected by it all. Never have I ever had a loading or software problem with Garry's Mod, let alone the server.

Do you understand that you must have your profile set as either Public or to show Game Information?.

Already done. I have no problems with that.

Do you have a microphone?:

Yes I have a Blue Yeti microphone with great quality.

Do you understand that you cannot void your application or it will be instantly denied?.

I understand, yes.


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Dec 7, 2019
-You do not currently meet the requirements to apply for commander and your application is rather lacking.​


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Dec 15, 2019
The application is lacking experience plus you are not the correct rank to apply for this position.

- 21st NC PLTL JTO 2ndLT Martines


Dec 1, 2019
-1 I enjoy your encouragement in wanting this. But you don't meet the minimum rank requirement...Its unfair but it's what it is.


The DOH From Heaven
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Dec 1, 2019
Denied, you do not meet the minimum requirements for REX
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