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Dec 1, 2019
General Information:
  • Galactica Networks Staff Members are here to help/assist you as a player on any Galactica Networks hosted server
  • If you wish to Join the Galactica Networks Staff Team, you may apply using the "Staff Applications" Thread
  • If you wish to Join any of the Staff Departments (Personnel, Support, Affairs, etc.), you may do so by becoming a staff member, then applying in that respective Departments forum thread
  • There are 3 Branches of Staff, Server Staff, Global Staff, and Development Staff. Information about these branches can be found below:
The Server Staff branch is composed of every Staff rank you would see on any one of our servers.
Members of the Server Staff branch have power on their respective server and that server only.
These ranks vary from server to server, but the General Hierarchy is as follows:
  • Server Manager
  • Head of Staff
  • Head Administrator
  • Senior Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Senior Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Trial Moderator
For The CWRP Server, Game Masters are also a part of this list, The Game Master System is as Follows:
You may become a member of The Game Master Team in Two Ways:
  • After reaching the Rank of Senior Moderator, You may apply for Game Master Apprentice, Then, You would be both a Staff Member and a Game Master. This means that you would have responsibilities of a Staff Member, but also the ability to assist in events. Admins may then be promoted to Game Master if they both pass Staff Promotions and Game Master Promotions
  • You may Apply for Game Master Apprentice through the Game Master application thread in the CWRP Server Category on the forums, this means you will have the ability to assist in events, but will not have the permissions or responsibilities of a Staff Member. You may then be promoted to Game Master this way as well. You MUST apply for a staff position if you wish to join The Staff Team as well.

The Global Staff branch is composed of every Staff rank that has responsibilities and power across all Galactica Networks Hosted Servers.
The Ranks belonging to this branch include:
  • The Personnel Department
  • The Support Department
  • The Affairs Department
  • The Human Resources Department

The Development Staff branch is composed of all Galactica Networks Developers
The Development Staff has multiple positions, the General Hierarchy is as follows:
  • Director of Development
  • Development Lead
  • Senior Developer
  • Junior Developer
  • External Developer
Development Leads are in charge of all Senior and Junior Developers of their respective server
Senior and Junior Developers may work on a maximum of 2 Servers, meaning that they may have multiple Dev Leads above them
External Developers do not have any direct development power or responsibility when it comes to Server Development, External Developers are responsible for development different elements of a server. (Models, Weapons, Maps, etc.)

Staff Rules: (Staff Rules may Vary from Server to Server, yet here are the General Rules)
  • Staff Members are NEVER to use their staff powers for anything that does not require Staff interference
  • No Matter how high in Staff a Staff Member may be, they are ALWAYS to follow the Server Rules
  • Staff Members are ALWAYS required to use the Correct CoC
  • TBD

Department Information:
Support Department:
Oversee Teamspeak
Oversee Discord
Oversee Forums
In charge of support requests
Makes sure TS, Discord, and Forums function properly

Personnel Department:
Promote and Demote Staff
Oversee Staff
Enforcing Staff Rules
Deal with and evaluate staff reports

Affairs Department:
Oversees community opinion
Looks at suggestions and refers it to the Development team
Receive reports on staff and investigate
Send report of any investigation that requires punishment to the Personnel Department.

Human Resources Department:
Interviews all staff and commanders
Helps with personal issues
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